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How the Fight or Flight Response Works

How the Fight or Flight Response Works Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you performed physical acts you cannot ordinarily perform? I remember this one time I was going home a bit late in the night when I decided, against my best senses, to go through an alley.On one side of the alley is a tall wall, while a chest high fence stands on the other side. Half-way through the alley, I saw two guys emerge from behind a dumpster that was a few meters in front of me. With my senses on high alert, I stopped immediately.One of the guys started approaching me quickly. He had in his arms something that looked like a metal bar. As I started turning back the way I had come, another guy emerged from the mouth of the alley, effectively blocking my exit.What happened next was a blur!Without thinking, I scaled the chest high fence, run across the empty lot, scaled the fence on the other side and run all the way home. Only after I got home did I stop to think how I had escaped a possible mugging.Pondering the escape after I was home safely, it hit me that the fence I had scaled was a bit high, and I doubt that I can ordinarily go over it as quickly and easily as I did that day. How was I able to do it?Well, turns out I have my fight or flight response to thank for my ability to escape the muggers that day.WHAT IS THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE?Civilization and modern advances in science and technology have made life relatively safe for us. Thousands of years ago, life wasn’t so easy for our ancestors. They didn’t have farms and supermarkets like we do today.They had to roam the forests and grasslands searching for fruits, wild game and other edibles to sustain them. This presented a lot of risks. As they roamed the forests, a lion or tiger could spring from the bushes at any moment and attack them. The grasslands were filled with dangerous snakes and other reptiles.To ensure their survival, their brains developed a mechanism that prioritized keeping them safe above everything else.Once they sensed da nger, this mechanism took over from their conscious control and prepared them to either run away from the imminent danger or to fight for their life.This mechanism is known as the fight or flight response, and has been passed down to us over the course of evolution.Also known as the acute stress response, the fight or flight response is a physiological reaction that occurs when your brain senses something it perceives to be a threat to your life or wellbeing. The reaction is triggered by the release of hormones that give your body a burst of energy and strength in preparation for dealing with the perceived threat.This reaction was first described in the 1920s by Walter Bradford Cannon, an American physiologist. It was named the fight or flight response because when activated, it gives you the physical ability to either flee from the source of danger or fight the perceived threat.WHAT HAPPENS DURING THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE? When you see or hear something that your brain perceive s to be a threat, your brain sounds an alarm by sending the information to the amygdala, a cluster of nuclei in the brain whose primary role is to process responses to emotion-causing stimuli.The amygdala is particularly associated with the emotion of fear.Once the information gets here, the amygdala processes it to decode what the information signifies.If the information is perceived to signify danger, the amygdala immediately sends a distress signal to the hypothalamus, which is the command center for the body’s metabolic processes as well as the functions of the autonomic nervous system. This is the system that controls involuntary functions such as your heartbeat and blood pressure, breathing, and glandular processes.The autonomic nervous system is made up of two key components: the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system. These two components work in opposition to each other. You can think of them as the gas and brake pedals in a car.The sympathetic nervous system acts as the gas pedal, initiating reactions within the body, while the parasympathetic nervous system acts as the brake pedal, slowing down the functions of the sympathetic nervous system and promoting a “rest and digest” response.When the distress signal gets to the hypothalamus from the amygdala, the hypothalamus responds by activating two systems: the sympathetic nervous system and the adrenal-cortical system. Once the sympathetic nervous system is active, the body generally speeds up and becomes very alert, while the muscles become tense, ready for action.Using nerve pathways to initiate reactions, the sympathetic nervous system sends out signals to the adrenal glands, triggering the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline to the bloodstream.The release of these hormones in turn causes a number of physiological responses that prepare the body for action.All these reactions occur instantly, before you even have a chance to consciously process the situation you are in. This ex plains why you are able to jump from the path of an oncoming car without actually thinking about it.A short while after is released into your bloodstream to initiate action, the hypothalamus also releases a hormone known as CRH into your pituitary gland. This activates the adrenal-cortical system. Immediately the adrenal-cortical system is activated, the pituitary gland in turn secretes a hormone known as ACTH.ACTH is transported through the bloodstream to the adrenal cortex, where it triggers the secretion of about 30 different stress hormones, including cortisol. The release of these hormones reinforces the effect of adrenaline and noradrenaline, continuing to provide you with energy and strength to deal with the threat.The activation of the adrenal-cortical system can keep the sympathetic nervous system running for as long as necessary, until you are out of danger. Once the threat is neutralized, or once you have gotten away from danger, the levels of cortisol in your body decrea se and the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.It acts as the brake and counteracts the effects of fight or flight response.Once you are away from danger, it may take anywhere between 20 â€" 60 minutes for your body to go back to its pre-arousal state.CHANGES THAT OCCUR TO YOUR BODY DURING THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSEThe hormonal activity described above leads to a number of physiological changes as your body prepares to fight or flee from the threat. These changes include:Increase in heart rate: Your heart starts beating faster as the body tries to pump blood faster to areas of the body that need fuel in order to respond to the danger.Increased breathing: Your respiration rate also increases as your body tries to take in as much oxygen as it can as quickly as possible. The increase in heart rate ensures that this oxygen gets to the vital muscles quickly. The smooth muscles also relax so as to allow more oxygen to be absorbed into your lungs.Dilated pupils: As your body prep ares to deal with the danger, it needs to be very aware and observant of your surroundings. Therefore, your eyes become dilated in order to allow more light into the eyes and therefore improve your vision. You might also experience tunnel vision, where your peripheral vision is reduced to allow you to only concentrate on the danger ahead of you.Pale or flushed skin: As your body prepares to deal with the threat, veins in your skin constrict to reduce blood flow to surface areas of the body. This blood is channeled to areas of your body that are needed at the moment, such as your brain, the arms and legs and other huge muscle blocks. The decrease of surface blood flow leads to your face looking pale. In addition, your blood’s clotting ability becomes heightened to prevent excessive blood loss in case you get injured while dealing with the threat.Trembling: The fight or flight response tenses your muscles in readiness for action, like a coiled spring. This tension in the muscles can cause you to tremble.Increase in blood glucose levels: The release of adrenaline triggers the release of fats and glucose (blood sugar) from temporary storage sites. The fats and glucose circulate in your blood stream and provide the extra energy needed to fight or flee from the danger.Shutdown of non-essential systems: When dealing with a potential threat, your body needs all the energy available. To prevent wastage of energy, non-essential functions such as digestion and the immune system are temporarily shut down until you are out of danger. In addition, your tolerance for pain increases in order to make it possible for you to continue fighting or fleeing even in the event of injury.Decreased focus on small tasks: Your brain’s entire focus is directed on the source of danger and how to deal with it, so you will have trouble focusing on small tasks and any other information that is not essential at the moment.WHEN THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSE CAN BE BAD FOR YOUThe fight or flig ht response was a very vital mechanism that ensured survival of our ancestors by allowing them to escape from tigers and bears without spending precious seconds thinking about what to do.Even today, the fight or flight response is still important. It helps us escape from threats such as oncoming cars, growling dogs, or in my case, muggers who were after my wallet and phone. Sometimes, however, the fight or flight response can be bad for you.You don’t have to be in physical danger in order for the fight or flight response to be triggered. Your brain only needs a perception of a threat and boom! The emergency mode gets triggered.While the number of physically threatening situations we experience each day have reduced greatly, the fight or flight can be triggered by social situations, stresses from day to day life, and even random thoughts. The amygdala is not very good at distinguishing between situations that present physical danger to us and those that only threaten our emotional wellbeing.Anything that causes a negative emotional response is usually treated as a threat, which explains why you may experience some of the signs of the acute stress response even in fairly non-threatening situations, such as trembling before giving a big presentation, or an increase in heart rate and respiration in response to a rude comment from your colleague.When the fight or flight response is triggered in such situations, you are unlikely to fight or run away. The body releases a lot of energy and hormones in preparation for physical action, yet you cannot react physically to these situations.As a result, the extra energy and the hormones are not used up, which can make it difficult for some people to get off from the acute stress response. They remain in a state of arousal.Unfortunately, while the acute response is a powerful reaction, it is only an emergency state that is meant to be engaged for short periods of times.Remaining in this aroused state for long periods of ti me can leave you exhausted and even lead to negative physical effects such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.It can also increase the intensity of conditions such as chronic gastritis and fibromyalgia. The high levels of cortisol resulted from a prolonged acute stress response can also lead to increased appetite as the body tries to get more energy to deal with the perceived threat, thus leading to obesity and weight gain.HOW TO TAME THE FIGHT OR FLIGHT RESPONSEIf you find yourself constantly or frequently experiencing the physiological symptoms associated with the fight or flight response, it is important for you to take action to tame the response before it starts having a negative impact on your health.Fortunately, there are some techniques that you can use to calm down from the acute stress response. These include:ExerciseThis is one of the best techniques for dealing with a prolonged fight or flight response. Remember, t he fight or flight response is meant to prepare you for a burst of physical activity, which unfortunately does not happen in cases where the acute stress response is not triggered by physical threats.The excess energy and stress hormones remain in your body and keep you in a constant state of arousal. When you exercise, the physical activity you engage in provides your body with a way of metabolizing the excess energy and excess stress hormones, allowing your body and mind to calm down a lot faster.The best part about using exercise to calm your acute stress response is that anyone can do it without having to learn anything new. There are no special exercises that you need to perform. You could play soccer or tennis, run around the block, lift weights, box, and so on.Basically, anything that can get your heart rate up and burn some calories is enough to counter the effects of the fight or flight response. Additionally, exercising also releases endorphins â€" the feel good hormones â €" into your bloodstream, thereby helping counter the stressful feeling that comes with the fight or flight response.Remind Yourself That You Are SafeSometimes, the physiological changes that accompany the acute stress response can be confused for something else, leading to panic, which in turn intensifies the acute stress response, and so on.For instance, if you are in a social situation and you heart starts racing, you might be tempted to think that you are having a heart attack. This causes you to panic.Unfortunately, your amygdala takes the panic for a threatening situation, therefore it sends a signal to the hypothalamus which responds by triggering the release of more adrenaline and cortisol, making your heart race even faster.To avoid this, when you find yourself experiencing some of the physical symptoms of the fight or flight response, remind yourself that you are in no actual danger, that your body is only priming for a fight and nothing more. This will prevent you from go ing into a loop of negative feedback that keeps reinforcing itself.Of course, the very first times you start doing this, you won’t calm down immediately. Simply keep reminding yourself that you are under no threat, and eventually, your body and mind will calm down. As you practice this more and more, you will notice that the frequency of your acute stress responses will decrease.Practice Relaxation TechniquesAnother effective way of taming your acute stress response is to practice relaxation techniques â€" such as breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation â€" whenever the acute stress response strikes. Whenever you find yourself experiencing the symptoms of the fight or flight response, find a comfortable place to sit and start taking deep breaths.Slowly inhale through your nose to a count of four, hold the breath inside your longs to a count of four, and then slowly exhale through your mouth to a count of six. When you are in the acute response mode, your breath is us ually fast and shallow. Once you start taking the long, deep breaths, your body will automatically calm down and switch off the effects of the acute stress response.The other relaxation technique is progressive muscle relaxation. To do this, start by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down. With your eyes closed, take five deep breaths, focusing on the sensation in your lungs and diaphragm as you breathe in and out.After the five deep breaths, focus on your right and tense all the muscles on your foot and toes as your breath in. Hold the breath for a while, and then slowly release the tension in your foot muscles as you exhale. Move to your lower leg and repeat the same exercise with your calf and shin muscles.Tense the muscles as you breathe in, hold the breath and then slowly release the tension as you exhale. Repeat the same for your upper leg and then move on to your left leg. After you are done with the legs, move progressively to the muscles on your back, stomach, chest , shoulders, upper hand, arms, palms and fingers and finish with the muscles on your face and head.Just like the breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation gets calms you down by countering one of the major effects of the fight or flight response (tension in the muscles).Practice MindfulnessThis technique needs a lot of practice, but once you master it, it can be a very effective way for taming your acute stress response. Mindfulness involves paying attention to and being aware of the present moment in a deliberate and non-judgmental way. When you are practicing mindfulness, you take note of all the thoughts in your mind and the sensations in your body.You separate yourself from your thoughts and sensations and simply observe them like an outsider, without any judgment. This allows you to respond in a deliberate manner, rather than being a slave to your acute stress response.For instance, if you are about to give a huge presentation, your mind might trigger the fight or flig ht response, and suddenly you want to get as far away from the presentation. Instead of reacting as your brain wants, mindfulness allows you to take note of the sensation you are feeling and separate yourself from it.Once you recognize that you are not one with the need to flee from the presentation, you can then choose how you want to proceed (making the presentation) rather than acting as your brain wants you to (getting away from the presentation).WRAPPING UPThe fight or flight response is an automatic mechanism that your brain uses to keep you safe from danger. Once the response kicks in, it gives you a burst of energy and strength and prepares your body to either flee from the threat or fight for your life.The response is accompanied by a set of physiological changes that get your body ready for action. While the fight or flight response is a great mechanism that keeps you safe, frequent or long term activation of the acute stress response can have a negative impact on your bod y and health.To prevent this, you should learn how to tame your acute stress response. This can be done through techniques such as exercising, reminding yourself that you are safe, practicing relaxation techniques and mindfulness.

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Comparison Between Crito and Apology - 1661 Words

Comparison between Crito and Apology For these two articles that we read in Crito and Apology by Plato, we could know Socrates is an enduring person with imagination, because he presents us with a mass of contradictions: Most eloquent men, yet he never wrote a word; ugliest yet most profoundly attractive; ignorant yet wise; wrongfully convicted, yet unwilling to avoid his unjust execution. Behind these conundrums is a contradiction less often explored: Socrates is at once the most Athenian, most local, citizenly, and patriotic of philosophers; and yet the most self-regarding of Athenians. Exploring that contradiction, between  ¡Ã‚ §Socrates the loyal Athenian citizen ¡Ã‚ ¨ and  ¡Ã‚ §Socrates the philosophical critic of Athenian society, ¡Ã‚ ¨ will help†¦show more content†¦He also explains to Crito that the citizen is bound to the laws like a child is bound to a parent, and so to go against the laws would be like striking a parent. Rather than simply break the laws a nd escape, Socrates should try to persuade the laws to let him go. These laws present the citizens duty to them in the form of a kind of social contract. By choosing to live in Athens, a citizen is endorsing the laws, and is willing to follower by them. Therefore, if he was to break from prison now, having so consistently validated the social contract, he would be making himself an outlaw who would not be welcome in any other civilized state for the rest of his life. Furthermore when he dies, he will be harshly judged in the underworld for behaving unjustly toward his citys laws. In this way, Socrates chooses not to attempt escape but he dies as a martyr, not for himself, but for his city and its system of justice. The argument in the Apology is that one should never betray one ¡Ã‚ ¦s own philosophy for any reason, even if the reason is death. Moreover, death should never be a deterrent to a man because no man has true knowledge of death, and  ¡Ã‚ §surely it is the most blamewor thy ignorance to believe that one knows what one does not know ¡Ã‚ ¨ (Plato 32). Socrates believes that we have no cause to fear death, and as stated in a previous quote, for the philosopher death was probably a moreShow MoreRelatedPlato s Apology And Crito983 Words   |  4 Pagesevents that have marked the history of humanity on earth. In the following written works, Plato’s Apology and Crito, The Gospel According to Mark, and Dante’s Inferno, religion and politics are shown to be intertwined, which emphasizes the impact of each individual character in each written work. Also, these written works explain how politics are affected by religion and vice versa. Plato’s Apology and Crito are plays that explain how Socrates, who was considered an honored and the wisest man in allRead MorePlato s Apology And Crito977 Words   |  4 Pagesevents that have marked the history of humanity on earth. In the following written works, Plato’s apology and Crito, The gospel according to Mark and Date’s Inferno, in each of these works religion and politics are intertwined to show the impact of these in each character in each written work. Also, these written works explain how politics are affected by religion and vice versa. In Plato’s Apology and Crito, are two consecutive plays that explain how Socrates, which was considered an honored and theRead MorePlato s Apology And Crito976 Words   |  4 Pagesevents that have marked the history of humanity in earth. In the following written works, Plato’s apology and Crito, The gospel according to Mark and Date’s inferno, in each of these work religion and politics are intertwined to show the impact of these in each character in each written work. Also, these written works explain how politics is affected by religion and vise versa. In Plato’s Apology and Crito are two consecutive plays that explain how Socrates, which was considered an honored and the mostRead MoreMachiavelli And The Apology Of The Prince1718 Words   |  7 Pages Machiavelli writes The Prince centuries after Plato documents Socrates in Crito and The Apology. Despite the different time periods, both Machiavelli and Socrates experience times of turmoil where the concept of democracy was questioned. However, the different time periods cause the views and purposes of Machiavelli’s writing to largely differ from Socrates. Machiavelli writes in a time of turmoil where Italy was a bunch of small, fragmented states and when the Medici’s struggled to regainRead MoreThe Four Texts On Socrates By Plato And Aristophanes Looks At Plato s Works, Euthyphro, Apology, Essay1935 Words   |  8 PagesEmily DePasquale Philosophy 103 Monday,Wednesday,Friday 9A.M. Professor Nichols September 30th, 2016 Journal One: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito I. 1. The Four Texts On Socrates by Plato and Aristophanes looks at Plato’s works, Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito. Plato’s works fall under the genre of philosophical dialogue presented in a context similar to that of dramatic monologues. Although Plato’s works are based in historical context, the works are less historical fiction, and more of a dramaticRead MoreThe Trial of Socrates: an Analysis and Construction of Socrates Defense2369 Words   |  10 Pagesâ€Å"political† affiliation Athenians related themselves with. Some choices were between the Traditionalists, Sophists or an up and coming ideas of Socratics or Platonics. Militarily, during the life of Socrates, Athens was involved in the Peloponnesian Wars, a set of conflicts between Sparta and Athens, in which Athens ultimately loses. Historically, this time became known as the rule of â€Å"The Thirty Tyrants.† In Plato’s Apology it notes that he disobeyed orders given by the Tyra nts, which gave a senseRead MoreSocrates Pursuit of Wisdom Essay1144 Words   |  5 Pagestwo people begin on common ground in a conversation, as Socrates often tries to do, they are far more likely to be able to civilly come to a conclusion about a particular topic, or at least further their original concept. The interesting dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro demonstrates this Socratic method of questioning in order to gain a succinct definition of a particular idea, such as piety. Though the two men do not come to a conclusion about the topic in the conversation seen in EuthyphroRead MorePlato Essay2296 Words   |  10 Pagesthe volatile state of the Athenian government, it is not surprising that Socrates had much to say on the topic of political philosophy. Central to his political theory was his position on how citizens ought to approach ethics and politics. In the Apology, Socrates conduct demonstrates his belief that citizens must not be complacent when it comes to political virtue. In order to push citizens out of complacency, Socrates used a method called the â€Å"elecnhus† to prod citizens to discover the true definitionRead MoreSocrates And Machiavelli1860 Words   |  8 PagesPolitical Theorists: Moralities and Wisdom Political theorists, Socrates and Machiavelli, each provide their own ideas and philosophies for political structure that are still being discussed today. In Plato’s writings of â€Å"Apology† and â€Å"Crito†, he defines Socrates as man of wisdom and humbleness as he goes through trial and death of a crime he did not commit. Machiavelli’s writing of â€Å"The Prince† was written as a way to advise a Prince on how to achieve the greatest success as a ruler. These twoRead MoreSocrates Vs Machiavelli Essay875 Words   |  4 Pagessteadfast distance from involvement in politics, making a comparison or evaluation of a political system in his persona technically impossible. To claim that Socrates would or would not be supportive of any political system might then seem irresponsible, a presumptuous analysis not fitting for an academic recognizing the false equivale nce between Socrates’ philosophy and Machiavelli’s political ethics

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Obama s Speech The American Dream - 1923 Words

In 2006, U.S. senator Barack Obama stated in front of a large audience in New England,â€Å"It was right here, in the waters around us, where the American experiment began. As the earliest settlers arrived on the shores of Boston and Salem and Plymouth, they dreamed of building a City upon a Hill. And the world watched, waiting to see if this improbable idea called America would succeed.† John Winthrop’s original goal, manifested in Obama’s speech, was to build a city looked up upon by all others. This is what the American Dream is: wealth, fame, good education, equality, liberty, and freedom. The American Dream is not limited to Winthrop, nor did it begin with him. The dream starts even before the Puritans, back during the days of early†¦show more content†¦Starvation, mutiny, and attacks by natives kept the settlers on edge during the early years of the settlement. Smith’s leadership, especially his wit and intelligence with regard to the native s (such as urging colonists not to befriend them, but to keep them scared and propagating them with firearms), are the reason Jamestown still stood after four years. Smith’s impact on the colony was that the colony wasn’t in ruin, and the colonists had another day to live—not even counting how much freedom they held in this (relatively) unexplored land. John Smith inspired (through many exaggerated positive letters, to help with funding) a multitude of new settlers to make the treacherous journey to the new world, leading to the whole colony of Virginia to grow to eventually contain hundreds of settlers and over a thousand acres of land ownership. Despite the message and end goal of Smith’s legacy, the Dream is more shallow in some regards. Early colonists mailed positive letters back to England describing lush areas of green and plentiful amounts of gold. In Reality, the land was somewhat marshy and minerals were nowhere to be found. The question begs to be asked: did John Smith lead a dream of lies? Is the American Dream a myth, originally fabricated for funding four-hundred years ago? Any American with any sense of freedom must disagree. John Smith paved the way for a society with freedom as the main course. John Smith paved the way for aShow MoreRelatedJim Cullen s The American Dream965 Words   |  4 Pages What is the American Dream? Some describe the American Dream as a two parent family with two kids and a dog living in a home with a white picket fence. Others declare having millions of dollars and a beach home is the ultimate goal. So, what exactly is the American Dream? In the Conservative conference speech â€Å"We Will Be a City upon a Hill†, Ronald Reagan demanded that traditional values defined the American Dream while President Obama argued equality was quintessential. In both presidential speechesRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Obama s Victory Speech1181 Words   |  5 PagesObama’s Victory Speech Introduction: Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the U.S on November 6th, 2012. Barack Obama held his Victory Speech on the following day. This essay will analyze and comment on an excerpt of that exacting Victory Speech and the solution focus of the criticism will be on the Rhetorical belongings of the Speech. By using numerous forms of Rhetorical apparatus like Anaphora or Tautology, Barack Obama controls to offer a Speech that is full of American thoughts of lifeRead MoreAnalysis Of Martin Luther King Jr s I Have A Dream Speech1480 Words   |  6 PagesAwakening national consciousness and bringing attention to the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr s I Have A Dream speech was broadcasted across the nation and heard by millions of Americans on August 28, 1963. Throughout the decades, many have promoted the importance of racial equality in America. Leaders such as William J. Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush have contributed to modern social movements by, doing as Dr. King himself, giving speeches to varying audiences concerningRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama s Election National Convention Address1518 Words   |  7 PagesSpeech 1315-302 Rhetorical Analysis of Barack Obama 2004 Democratic National Convention Address In this paper, I choose the speech of the previous President, Barack Obama; Illinois state senator, his speech address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention marked an important moment in the trajectory of African American rhetoric. I am really impressive his speech because it was strong to affect to our emotion, our realizations and our passion for a strong America. The general theme of Barack ObamaRead MoreEssay on Analysis of Obamas Victory Speech831 Words   |  4 PagesAnalysis of Obama`s Victory Speech The presidential victory speech delivered by Barack Obama who is the president to be was held on November 4, 2008, in Grant Park, Chicago. It is about his won election for the office as the president. I will take a closer look on how Obama emphasizes his speech with stylistic devices. The speech is divided into four parts. The first part is from ll. 1-26, the second from ll. 27- 70, the third from ll. 71-9 and the last from ll. 95-105. In the first part of theRead MoreObama Speaks At The Dnc : American Family And The Need Of Clinton Essay1742 Words   |  7 PagesObama speaks at the DNC: American Family and the Need of Clinton It is that time of the year again where American politicians stand under the spotlight and appeal to the world’s attention. The Democrats gathered in Philadelphia together this night to support their party. Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and her better half. Those who are on the Capitol Hill and surely, our standing President and the First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. It is of no surprise that the President speaks for hisRead MoreI Have A Dream By Martin Luther King Jr.915 Words   |  4 PagesOne man waves unto a crowd of over 100,000 people in front of the Lincoln Memorial prepared to give a speech that he did not know would lead to a different world, where one day a man from his own community would be the leader of that ‘free’ world. But not just any man – an African American man, as he is photographed and recorded by his Caucasian counterparts. Martin Luther King Jr. represents himself, his family, and an enormous body of minorities in Ameri ca as he prepares to address the countryRead MoreThe Crisis And World Economic Recession1089 Words   |  5 PagesDemocratic party. His name: Barack Obama, at the time no one had an incline as to what he would one day eventually become. Before his great speech no one assumed that he would be capable of aspiring above what his circumstances have put him in. In his speech, he showed his belief in one America and portrayed the fact that anyone can rise and live the American dream, he made this clear when he talked about his background and how he grew up making reference to his father s journey My father was a foreignRead MoreA More Perfect Union : The American Dream Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesOn eighteen century America, the founding fathers classified the American Dream as an idea that everyone living in the United Stated had the chance to achieve the Jeffersonian idea of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. At the time the American Dream was supposedly possible to any one who had the willingness to work hard and honestly. To the founding father s anyone who would stand by this saying would either achieve success or be emulated for their efforts, even those who did not achieveRead MoreImmigration Reform : The United States1312 Words   |  6 Pagescitizenship and allowing their families to stay in the this country. Just last month, President Obama had a televised executive decision talking about immigration reform. President Obama discussed how the executive decisions like providing legal status and work permits for more than 5 million immigrants, making the Republicans very reluctant to help support President Obama’s executive decision. In President Obama speech, he talks about how â€Å"today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it. Families

Interpreter of Maladies Analysis Free Essays

Jhumpa Lahiri’s, â€Å"Interpreter of Maladies,† tells the story of a family on a trip who consistently face communication issues and Mr. Kapasi, a much wiser man, who is expected to repair the problems of the family. Throughout the story, we learn about the dysfunctions of both the Das and Kapasi family. We will write a custom essay sample on Interpreter of Maladies Analysis or any similar topic only for you Order Now While some may argue that Lahiri does not believe in the power of communication, it is self evident that Lahiri does in fact believe in the power of communication. We know that he believes in the power of communication because he presents to us a family with no communication and all the issues that can be solved should they communicate with each other. Some people may argue that Lahiri does not believe in the power of communication, and that communication may kill a relationship. Communication is a sign of trust, you’re opening up to someone, and Mrs. Das did just that with Mr. Kapasi when she made her revelation. â€Å"Is it really pain you feel, Mrs. Das or is it guilt?†¦ properly insulted †(66). This quote suggests the ultimate end to their relationship, because we know after this quote she walks out on him and back to her husband. Mr. Kapasi was asking this question because he knew that Mrs. Das was guilty, he found out what was wrong with her and she won’t have it. This argument can be rebutted in the future of the story because we see that Mr. Kapasi still cares about Mrs. Das because he doesn’t want her to be scared or in the end where Mrs. Das tells Mr. Kapasi to save her son from the monkeys, not Mr. Das. Lahiri presents to us the communication issues that the Das family has multiple times throughout the story and constantly uses it throughout the story as a theme. The conversation between Mrs. Das and Mr. Das shows us the lack of communication and even care the Das family has for their kids, â€Å"Mr. and Mrs. Das bickered about who should take Tina to the toilet†¦ she did not hold the little girl’s hand as they walked to the restroom†(43). The fact that Mr. Das has to remind his wife that he gave Tina a bath shows that neither parent is aware what the other does with their kids, t`he bickering itself suggests problems in the relationship. â€Å"She did not hold the little girl’s hand† suggests a lack of connection and care that Mrs. Das has for Tina because she refuses to hold her daughters hand. Hold a daughters hand has always been a symbol of love, care, and protection, Ms. Das indicates to have neither of these. In the end of the story, we see that after Mrs. Das let’s out what she has been feeling we see much more interest and awareness on the kids, â€Å"Poor Bobby.. Come here, let Mommy fix your hair. † This quote shows that Mrs. Das is accepting motherhood and no longer is the â€Å"big sister† she was compared to previously. After communicating with Mr. Kapasi she can finally be the mom she long desired to be, even if it meant leaving her past behind, including Mr. Kapasi How to cite Interpreter of Maladies Analysis, Essay examples

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Wl 2b Creative Writing Essay Example

Wl 2b Creative Writing Essay The ending of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold ends abruptly where the protagonist, Santiago Nasar, falls on his face in the kitchen of his own home, dead. There are still many untold details the reader may be wondering about that needs to be demystified, such as the real culprit for taking Angela Vicario’s virginity. In an attempt to satisfy most of the readers’ curiosity, the following diary of Angela Vicario, the dishonored bride, has been uncovered. What has never been said by Angela has been captured with her written words. The whole mystery of Santiago Nasar’s murder will be solved and understood from Angela’s point of view and answers. Dear Diary, The news of the death of Santiago Nasar has reached the whole town. Different versions of the story of how the murderers finally got to him have been abridged, modified, and revised. Santiago was cornered and stabbed to death. Santiago walked around his house and even into townspeople’s house half alive and half dead. Santiago carried the remains of his body parts until finally he fell. Santiago let his death follow him. But it is only I, the bride-to-be of Bayardo San Roman, who knows the full story. We will write a custom essay sample on Wl 2b Creative Writing specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Wl 2b Creative Writing specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Wl 2b Creative Writing specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Out of all of the rumors and opinions about the downfall of the already acknowledged death, there was one that stood out most prominently: Santiago Nasar did not deserve to die. The whole town took into account that there must have been a reason why the entire city had prior knowledge of the carried out murder plan, yet Santiago was the last person to know about it. The innocent, well-known man has walked blindly into town without a clue of the ominous future. In order to redeem themselves, everyone in town has been put onto trial to reanalyze the fact that there was no possibility of saving Santiago from his unfortunate death. Nonetheless, this will not be necessary because of my diary. Here, I prove the innocence of Santiago Nasar, and how the town could not stop the awful deed. I am the woman that brought all of the trouble in the first place. The shock of the murder has reached back to me; it had such a strong impact that I have finally decided to confess all of the secrets that started the problem in the first place here in written form. The truth is too enduring to be said aloud. First, I repent all of my sins, and I will be innocent from the murder. Instead, I will point my fingers at my brothers, the twins, and the blame should fall on both of them. In the Hispanic culture, the virginity of a women is considered holy and of upmost respect. The man who gets to take the virginity away from the woman will be eternally bonded to her. I was not a true virgin at the time of the marriage with Santiago, and therefore caused an uproar which I admit. Yet, I have justification for my sin and it is up to the world and God to decide whether or not I will be repented for this act that could not be helped. Yes, I have been told that such a beautiful girl as myself can give in easily to the calling of cat-calls and wolf-whistles. But this was not the case for me. I have more self-control and willpower than the average women and especially more constraint than that poor prostitute Maria Cervantes who has fallen in love with the deceased Santiago Nasar. On the other hand, I am not a woman of physical strength; I am weak and feeble. Defending myself from the harassment of another man will be useless since my protests and attempts to stop him will be ineffective. The damned man that I am talking about is Colonel Lazaro Aponte. Yes, the lazy Colonel who failed to prevent Santiagos murder because he was â€Å"checking on his game of dominoes†. The man who has authority around town, the man who has power and knowledge to vital information, is the man who goes by Lazaro Aponte. Many townspeople may be shocked by this rash accusation, but let me explain. It was Lazaro Aponte who has stolen my virginity and has never claimed it through the act of rape. My twin brothers found out later and became outraged, vowing to kill him and tear him to pieces. But because of his position as a Colonel of the town, he had access to every information possible because of the records of files he keeps. Lazaro is a smart man: he had planned my rape very well because he knew I was the perfect victim. I was considered a beauty throughout the whole town yet not a lot of people know the history background of my brother Pedro Vicario except for Lazaro who did a bit of research. Pedro used to be in the army, and the reason why he quit was because of some â€Å"accidental† killing that he had committed. A bomb had exploded, killing several men in the war on Pedro’s side. With feelings of remorse, Pedro quit the war, but no one ever had known that it was him that caused such a tragedy. It was with this information that Lazaro used to prevent the Vicario twins from killing him in redemption for me. Lazaro threatened that he would release this news of the accidental killings if he felt intimidated. It was the perfect blackmail: they could never accuse Lazaro for stealing my virginity. Everything quelled down after a while until Bayardo San Roman walked through town and proposes to me. My mother, Purismima, was ecstatic about the wonderful news and encouraged the marriage. This is where the controversy took place since Bayardo questioned my virginity after we had sex and there was no blood stain on our bed sheets. Here is where Pablo Vicario decides to convince his brother that they need to confront Lorazo for my sake and for the sake of the marriage. However when Lorazo brought up the reminder that he had valuable information, Pedro broke down and refused to turn Lorazo in. Instead, the twins thought together and came up with the ingenious plan of putting the blame on Santiago Nasar since they still needed a name to point to for stealing my virginity. He was perfect since everyone knew that he liked sleeping with the local prostitute Maria, so sleeping with me would be so easy for him. Poor Santiago did not know what blame was put on him. The whole town was not able to warn him in time because of fate. Such an innocent man does not need a warning for a crime he has committed, right? This is my explanation for things, along with Lorazo making every possibility of friends not to warn Santiago impossible. I hope the whole town now puts Lorazo Aponte on trial for his unjustifiable deed. There is no physical evidence of this, but it is the truth and evil that lays in his eyes that everyone should be able to see. Questions should rise such as why did he not try and warn Santiago Nasar about the Vicario twins, even though he is a Colonel. Was he just that â€Å"lazy†? Please help satisfy my brother’s, Santiago’s, and my innocence through the conviction of Lorazo Aponte. And please let Bayardo San Roman accept my apologies: I should have let you know about my secret past. It was such an embarrassment that I could not help but to keep silent. Now that the truth is all revealed, let the town figure out the verdict of everyone in the town who was put in trial in the first place. Dear Diary, this is where I end my confession. Angela Vicario Works Cited Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Trans. Gregory Rabassa. Chronicle of a Death Foretold. New York: Vintage International, 2003

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Resume Tips Part 2 Words and Phrases to Delete from Your Resume

Resume Tips Part 2 Words and Phrases to Delete from Your Resume This is one of my favorite resume tips. It will help you show employers exactly what you did and what you can do for them. Most of us are familiar with the concept of â€Å"power verbs† on a resume. We also have unlimited resources for finding and choosing power verbs, such as  this list organized by category from the University of Iowas Pomerantz Career Center. How many times have you heard, â€Å"Every bullet in a resume should start with a verb? Dozens at least, right? Then why are you starting your bullets with the phrase responsible for? Responsible is not a verb, no matter how many times it shows up on your resume. Furthermore, you can be â€Å"responsible for† something and not actually do it! Employers care about what you did. Employers (or their computer systems at least) also care about keywords. I promise you, â€Å"responsible† or â€Å"responsibility† will never show up in a list of sought-after keywords. Begin with a Power Verb Compare: a. Was responsible for submitting two sports-related blogs per month for publication on website. b. Submitted two sports-related blogs per month for publication on website. And compare: a. Responsible for raising $250,000 by recruiting staff to run door- to-door canvass reaching 200,000 people. b. Raised $250,000 by recruiting staff to run door-to-door canvass reaching 200,000 people. Version b in both cases is shorter and more powerful than version a. You might be there saying, â€Å"But I didn’t just do things, I was responsible for them!† If you had supervisory or managerial responsibilities, there are verbs for that. Some of them are: Supervised Developed Managed Ensured Handled Monitored Even if you had many significant responsibilities that are important to list on your resume, try including your responsibility in a bullet that also includes an achievement, along with the important keywords you see in the job description. And remember to start each bullet with a verb! Be responsible for the words you choose on your resume. I hope you found these resume tips useful. If you want professional assistance to craft a powerful resume, please contact us.

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How to Format PHP Text

How to Format PHP Text So youve gone through the PHP  tutorials  or are new to PHP in general, and you can make some nifty things in PHP, but they all look like plain text. How do you jazz them up? Formatting PHP text isnt done with PHP; its done with HTML. You can do this in two ways. You can add HTML inside the PHP code or you can add the PHP code inside the HTML. Either way, the file must be saved as a .php or another file type that is allowed to execute PHP on your server. Changing PHP Text Color Using HTML Inside PHP For example, to change the PHP text color to red. Hello World!; ? In this case, the hex color number #ff0000 sets the PHP text that follows it to red. The number could be replaced by other  hex color numbers for other colors. Notice the HTML code is located inside the echo.   Changing PHP Text Color Using  PHP Inside HTML The same effect is achieved with the following code, which uses PHP inside HTML. In the second example, a single line of PHP is inserted inside the HTML. Although here it is only a line to make the text red in this example, it could be inside a fully formatted HTML page to get any look you want. Types of Formatting Available in HTML It is easy to make text formatting changes to PHP text inside HTML. Although many of these formatting commands have been suspended in Cascading Style Sheets, they all still work in HTML. Some of the text formatting commands that can be used include: Bold - Italic -      Underline -  Strike-out -   or  Small -  Font size -   , replace the ? with a number from 1 to 7, 1 being the smallestCenter text -   A complete list of text formatting tags is available.